Motaz Attalla  is a program officer and technical advisor at the Garfield Foundation. A generalist with a background in education policy and group facilitation, he has come to focus on the intersections of systems, organizational, and personal transformation. Motaz has also had the rare privilege of getting paid to make people laugh. Formerly based in Cairo, Egypt, he now lives with his wife and two children in Oakland, California.

Christine Capra is the co-founder of Greater than the Sum, a Social System Mapping firm and co-designer of sumApp, the survey tool for Social System Maps. She helps networks become more effective, deepen their systemic understanding through network visualization, and shift deep mental models about connections and working together. She is also helping to co-generate the broader field of social system mapping through tool-building, writing, training and innovating processes for sense-making, as well as mapping. Christine creates social system maps for a broad range of types and sizes of networks, and works closely with the RE-AMP Network to build, adapt, and innovate sense-making practices with RE-AMP’s Social System Map.

Donte Curtis is the CEO of Catch Your Dream Consulting where he mentors, inspires, and trains individuals and teams, nationwide, on leadership development, racial equity, entrepreneurship, and making effective change.  Donte supports them to excel in their dreams and create positive change. With over 10 years of facilitation and speaking experience, Donte is adept at fostering the collective wisdom in the room and creates space to make sure everyone voice is heard. Probably one of the most energetic people you will ever meet, Donte lives a life that is dedicated to leadership, social justice and liberation.
Gail Francis is the Strategic Director of the RE-AMP Network, which enables climate-related collaboration and strategy-setting among 130 member organizations in the Midwest. She founded the annual RE-AMP Systems Thinking Academy and recently launched the RE-AMP Modeling Boot Camp (as in climate-related modeling, not as in Vogue). She holds a Master's of Science in Systems Thinking in Practice. She is also the author of Bliss(ters): How I Walked from Mexico to Canada One Summer. 

Sarah Ann Shanahan is the Director of Community Management for RE-AMP and has served the Network for over a decade. Her role is to foster the health of the Network by supporting the connections and collaboration of its members. RE-AMP's motto for addressing complex problems is to "Think Systemically and Act Collaboratively." This has inspired her to pioneer a new way for the Network to see, understand, and take wise action for itself through the development of a social systems map (teaser-this will be part of the Academy curriculum). She is an Associate of the Human Systems Dynamics Institute and holds a Bachelors of Science from UW-Madison. A country girl at heart, she enjoys riding her horse (Buckeroos Cowgirl) and singing karaoke!