The 130 members of the RE-AMP Network are united by our North Star goal of equitably eliminating greenhouse gas emissions in the Midwest by 2050.

Our pioneering approach to strategically intervening in highly complex situations began in 2004, when funders and advocates came together to conduct a systems analysis of the energy system and to establish forms of collaboration that focused on the root causes rather than the symptoms.

We've learned a lot since then about collaboration, creativity, strategy, and what it takes to sustain this work over time. We've had some incredible highs and we've also made a lot of mistakes. We look forward to sharing our insights and to learning from you!
With the intent to contribute to a more equitable, vibrant and sustainable world, the Garfield Foundation supports changemakers to deliver greater impact through systems understanding and networked action.

We believe:
  • In the power of collective intelligence
  • Understanding whole systems offers greater insight
  • Solutions to complex problems accelerate through thoughtful collaboration
  • Systems change is sustained only when it is inclusive
  • Experimenting, reflecting, and learning informs effective strategies